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Areas of Expertise




Autism Spectrum Disorder


Bipolar Disorder 


Borderline Personality Disorder 




Codependency Issues 




Family Issues 


Narcissistic Abuse



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Self-esteem issues 


Sexual Trauma 

My Approach


My clinical approach includes a combination of Cognitive Behavorial Therapy (CBT), pyschodynamic, person centered, solution focused, strengths based and trauma informed therapy. I understand how traumatic experiences throughout the lifespan can allow us to create faulty core beliefs, and how those core beliefs can  influence our thoughts and behaviors. I have experience treating individuals with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, Self Esteem Issues,Attachment issues, Imposter Syndrome and a host of other mood/personality disorders. Another important component of my treatment, includes psychoeducation, because I feel its important for clients to have a more in depth understanding of the mental health conditions they have and/or how trauma impacts their executive functioning. I approach each client with an individualized plan, where we collaborate on deciding what the treatment goals will be.


My clients describe me as compassionate, honest, thought provoking,"great at what I do", and often express how much they get out of their sessions and work with me. My clients have expressed how safe they feel working with me, and how they walk away from session with tangible tools to imrpove their lives and emotional well being. 

Chanel A. Beard,LMSW 

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My Approach
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